Working capital finance

When your income and expenditures occur at different times, the flexible solution is a credit account, a Corporate FlexiCredit or a loan. Through Nordea you also have the option of Finnvera's guarantee, so you will need less securities of your own for your loan or credit account.

Corporate FlexiCredit

Corporate FlexiCredit is a quick and easy corporate loan up to 25,000 euros without security.

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Euro loan

With a euro loan you can finance your company's investments and expansion of business.

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Overdraft facility

A convenient credit line linked to a payment account.

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Corporate loan with an interest rate collar

A corporate loan with an interest rate collar allows you to determine the minimum and maximum reference rates for an agreed period of time, giving you predictable loan servicing costs.

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Recourse Factoring

Recourse factoring means an overdraft facility with the company's sales receivables as security.

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Corporate loan with an interest rate cap

Hedge your loans against rising reference rates at an affordable price and retain the full benefit in case the reference rates fall.

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Nordea Business Mastercard

With Nordea Business Mastercard you have always cash at your disposal up to the usage limit selected by your company.

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