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Diverse financing alternatives for entrepreneurs

In order to operate efficiently, an enterprise needs financing by loan from time to time, irrespective of sector or size. The need for financing is usually the highest when starting a new business, but financing is also needed later on to ensure competitiveness. When considering financing solutions for your business, contact Nordea to find the best alternative.

Working capital

When your company's income and expense flows do not coincide, you can balance the situation with one of our flexible solutions: an account with a credit facility, Corporate FlexiCredit, or a loan. Our branches will give you a credit decision in next to no time. Through Nordea you can also apply for a Finnvera guarantee and reduce the amount of collateral required for your loan or account with overdraft facility.

Recourse Factoring gives you a credit limit against your sales receivables as well as a comprehensive service package. Ledger management and collection measures separately agreed on are also included in Recourse Factoring. They will help to improve your company's financial administration and decrease risks.

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Investment finance

Investments help you to develop your business and support its growth. They are often necessary to ensure competitiveness. Investments refer to the acquisition of e.g. machinery, equipment, and operating premises.

You can apply for a Finnvera guarantee to serve as collateral for the loan. In acquisition finance and leasing, the object to be acquired is usually sufficient collateral.

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Special financing sources

Through Nordea, you can also obtain financing services from external sources. For example, you can apply for a Finnvera guarantee for your loan or account with a credit facility. 

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Collateral for your loan

The future prospects and solvency of your company are the most important grounds on which the bank makes its financing decision. In addition, the bank needs collateral in case the cash flow of your company is not sufficient for the repayment of the loan. In addition to normal real security (e.g. residence or mortgage), you can also use business mortgage or guarantee as collateral for the credit. Finnvera's guarantees can also form a significant part of the loan’s collateral.