Taimer – invoicing software and business tools

Taimer enables you to do invoicing, sales management and other daily tasks in one solution. With the help of Taimer's integrations to Nordea and different accounting softwares, you can save time and focus more on your business. As Nordea's customer you get free three month trial to Taimer's service solution.

Invoicing software

  • Create invoices of services, working hours and products.
  • Create and send electronic invoices.
  • Manage and forecast your invoices.
  • Track received payments automatically.
  • Send invoices to accounting with few clicks.

Additional tools

  • CRM.
  • Sales and project management.
  • Manage travel and other expenses.
  • Track working hours.
  • Salary payments.

For whom

  • Companies and sole traders who invoice businesses and private customers.
  • As an invoicing solution for new and start-up companies.
  • Resource planning system for small, medium and large companies.
  • The solution can be adapted according to the needs and growth of the company. 

Save time and money with Taimer

Versatile and easy-to-use Taimer includes an invoicing software that is suitable from sole traders to larger companies. Taimer gives companies all the tools needed to run their business with one single solution. The ability to use the service through mobile device increases the efficiency even further. As Nordea's corporate customer you get free trial of three months to all Taimer's product solutions. To activate the trial please contact Nordea Business Centre by calling or leaving a contact request. 

How do I activate the free trial of 3 months? 

As a Nordea customer you will get a free trial of 3 months to any of our partner Taimer's service solution. To activate the the trial you will need a brochure that includes the campaign link and code for the free trial. You can get the brochure by calling Nordea Business Centre p. 0200 26262 or by leaving a contact request from here. After you have signed in to Taimer's servie with the link and campaign code, Taimer will get in touch with you so that taking the service into use would be effortless. 

Benefits for your company

  • Invoicing through Taimer saves you time.
  • Send e-invoices directly via Nordea.
  • Automatic payment tracking of sent invoices.
  • Integration to accounting software saves time for you and your accountant.
  • Salary payments directly from Taimer.
  • Taimer grows with your company and is able to adapt to your changing needs.

You can tailor Taimer to match your needs and hide all other functions. When the company's needs become more complex the hidden functions can be easily restored. When your company grows Taimer grows with you, and all features are at your disposal with the click of a button.

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Enhance your work by organizing your tasks better

Manual invoicing is both time consuming and cumbersome. Instead of spending your time on processing invoices, shouldn't you maximize the minutes and hours to boost your business? Invoicing software reduces the amount of mistakes, saves you time and increases your efficiency.

Tailor Taimer to fit your needs

As Nordea's customer, you can send e-invoices directly from Taimer, and also pay salaries with palkkaus.fiOpens new window integration. Expense compensations can be easily sent and paid with Siirto-service. Additionally, Taimer offers G Suite and Office 365-integrations.

To learn more, watch the short videos below and see the great features and integrations Taimer can offer!

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The features and prices of Taimer

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