How to pay your expenses

You probably know the hassles of paying your daily bills. Some weeks you may suffer from cash shortage, others you may suffocate from the multiple payment terms and methods presented by your suppliers. A steady cash flow in tandem with smooth processes will ease your pain.

Good intentions don’t pay your bills

There are many reasons for not paying your bills in time. But there are just as many solutions to the recurring challenges you are facing. When you establish a healthy structure around your payments, you get stronger and more flexible relations with your suppliers and business partners.

Different challenges on paying expenses

We have listed different situations that cause challenges to a business with paying expenses. We have also provided possible solutions and products to suit this challenge below.

Troubles with paying salaries

  • Choose the payment method that suits you the most.
  • Set up recurring payments in Netbank once and for all.
  • Make a fixed structure for time reporting from part-time employees and temps.
  • Have you considered using Siirto to pay salaries? Quick and easy.



Siirto for Corporates enables you to receive mobile payment method in web stores, mobile apps and even in stores.

Read more about Siirto.

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Cash shortage / Negative account balance

  • Map your seasonal changes.
  • Use a savings account to create a buffer for low seasons. 
  • Apply for a FlexiCredit for additional funding. 



With Corporate FlexiCredit you can loan up to 25,000 €. It’s perfect for short-term financial needs.

Overdraft facility helps with seasonal changes. 

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Read more about Overdraft facility. 

Payments are out of sync with your cash influx

  • Be sure that your customers pay their bills. Taimer can help you with automated reminders and reporting. 
  • Consider making shorter payment terms for your customers. 
  • Apply for a FlexiCredit for additional funding.



Read more about Taimer.

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No overview of current and future liquidity status

  • Stay up-to-date with Netbank and Mobile bank, where you get an overview all past as well as planned transactions incl. balance.
  • Use Taimer for invoicing and keep track of when you receive future payments.
  • Make budgets and stick to them.



Taimer is an invoicing software with extensive business tools for running your daily business.

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Short / varying payment terms from suppliers

  • Negotiate conditions with your suppliers that match your own payment terms.
  • Try to get equal terms for all of your regular suppliers.
  • Use File Transfer directly from Netbank or your finance system for bulk payments and get everything done 1-2 times a month.
  • Read more about how to deal with your suppliers here.



If you already have a financial management service, File Transfer will help you automate and speed-up numerous bank related tasks. 

Overdraft facility can help you to secure long payment time of suppliers.  

Unsure of how to keep track the payments

  • If you use Netbank and Mobile Bank for all your payments, you will always have your payments at hand. Literally. 
  • Do you use Nordea Wallet? It’ll give you multiple payment methods on your smartphone when doing off.




Nordea Wallet is a card payment app that helps you keep track of all purchases made with your Nordea cards. Furthermore, you can make contactless mobile payments with iOS and Android devices with Apple Pay and Google Pay

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