Find the payment method that suits you

For better or worse, the times where you paid everything in cash are long gone. Most likely, you would have difficulties paying in cash these days. It may seem like it’s become very complicated to pay your bills, bearing all the current payment options in mind. But it’s actually the opposite. It hasn’t been easier!

What to consider when choosing payment methods

The various payment methods are all designed to serve certain purposes for different kinds of companies. And most companies don’t settle with just one method - it all depends on your specific needs.

Off- or online purchases?

Most businesses do both (with an overweight of online purchases). In most cases you can use your business card as well as mobile payments for both and keep track of all purchases in one place.

Also, check out our mobile payment solutions that combines various cards and mobile solutions.

Domestic or international purchases?

Many businesses do both. When buying goods and services from international suppliers you can use your business card (for online purchases) or make an international money transfer via Netbank if you pay by invoice.

Please note: If you buy from another EU country the invoice must be made without added VAT. You just have to give the supplier your international tax-number.

Do you travel?

If you travel, you need an international business card for your travel expenses. 

First Card is a Mastercard, a generally accepted payment card across the world. It also includes extensive travel insurance to the cardholder.

Employees, temps, or freelancers?

As salaries usually don’t changes until next wage adjustment you can set up the recurring monthly payments in Netbank.

It can be a different story for temps, part-timers, and freelancers. First of all, use time-sheets to find out how much to pay each person the current month. Depending on the complexity of your business you can choose to transfer via Netbank or Mobile Bank. But in most cases it’s actually much easier to use Siirto.

Many or few suppliers?

If you have many suppliers who need payments at different times (incl. short term payments) you should consider having easy payment methods at hand to get the bills put up for payment as they come in. Mobile Bank in combination with one of our mobile payment solutions would most likely keep you going.

If you only have a few regular suppliers, consider making agreements with the suppliers so that you can pay all invoices 1-2 times per month and don’t let this routine disturb your daily operation.

In Netbank you can easily set-up recurring payments like rent once and for all.

Contact us for further information

Let us help you make your payments as smooth as possible. If you consider your needs and daily routines we’ll make a solution that suits your specific business. Contact your advisor or Nordea Business Centre.