More time for entrepreneurship

Daily routines often keep entrepreneurs busy in both their private lives and their business – and time is money. Meet Tom and Lisa who own a music shop called Music Bar. See how these small-scale entrepreneurs manage to save money amid their everyday hustle.

Many bills to pay at the same time?

First Card offers you a flexible payment period which allows you to pay your bills whenever it suits you best.

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Save time with electronic financial administration!

Nordea Accounting Plus will help you do your invoicing, accounting and official declarations with just a few clicks. It will also reduce manual work and make managing your business easier.

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Planning to start an online business?

Nordea Connect is a platform for online payments, offering your customers various means of payment.

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Keeping track of your company’s expenses?

With First Card, you get all your expenses compiled on one invoice.

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Meet Tom and Lisa

Tom, the founder of Music Bar, used to perform on tours with his own band, The Bullets. He has now given up his dream of being a famous musician, but music is still a great passion of his. Tom manages his Music Bar music shop together with Lisa, an online trading expert and DJ.

When we met Tom and Lisa for the first time, they spent most of their time running the company’s daily business, and they had difficulties in finding some extra time for more important things, such as their customers, development of their business and music. Today, after making smart decisions, they finally have more time for entrepreneurship.

Planning to buy a new car for your company?

Corporate leasing may suit you best if you prefer not to tie your company’s assets to owning a vehicle.

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Unhappy with your deliveries?

The “” trading platform enables secure trading with authorised international suppliers and service providers.

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Are you using your customers’ and suppliers’ local currency?

By choosing the right currency to deal in, you can gain many benefits, such as cost savings and better customer satisfaction.

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Too much hassle from dealing in currencies?

With the Nordea AutoFX, you can exchange currencies at the day’s rate automatically. With no manual work required, you can save time and costs and minimise any errors.

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