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Frequently asked questions corporate financing & loans

Questions and answers

1. I need financing for my company.

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You can arrange a negotiation for obtaining credit for your company through a phone meeting with Nordea Business Centre if you are authorised to sign for your company and have the online access codes for personal customers.

Your company’s repayment ability and future outlook are the key criteria for granting credit. The security required for a loan or credit account is always considered on a case-by-case basis. The most common types of security are housing shares and mortgage deeds on real estate (e.g. a plot of land). A floating charge can also be used if the company is registered in the Trade Register and it has movable assets with a security value. 

The following are needed for a credit negotiation: the company’s latest financial statements, possibly its cash budget and the board’s decision, if any, on applying for a credit facility/credit, provision of security and pledging.

2. How can I obtain a bank guarantee for my company?

Bank guarantees can be used as security for many types of transactions, such as various deliveries, construction contracts, purchases of goods and property and other payment obligations. A bank guarantee can also be used to fulfil the collateral obligations provided for by different official regulations or legislation.

Your company can also request a bank guarantee from its contractual partners so that you can be sure that your partner will be able to fulfil the terms of your agreement. Contact us to check if we can carry the foreign country and bank risk on your behalf.

In domestic trade, the parties normally guarantee their debts personally. In international trade, an on-demand undertaking is usually used. 

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You can apply for a bank guarantee in a phone meeting, which you can book by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30.

3. How can I obtain financing for acquiring another company?

If you need financing for acquiring another company, you should make a preliminary application for the financing as a personal loan. In your personal banking matters you can contact Nordea Customer Service, 0200 70 000, Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00. 

4. How can I pay an overdue loan repayment?

If your loan repayment is overdue, you can copy its details into a new payment. If the details of the overdue repayment do not include a reference number, you can use the following reference number: 123.  

5. How can I obtain FlexiCredit for my company?

Corporate FlexiCredit can be used to finance your urgent working capital needs or small investments up to 25,000 euros. The loan period is 3–36 months, according to your choice.

Your company can have two instalment-free months every calendar year. You can also get 1–6 instalment-free months at the beginning of the loan period. You can repay the credit early without extra costs.

Fore more information about FlexiCredit is available on here. You can apply for FlexiCredit here.Opens new window

6. Where can I see how much FlexiCredit I have to repay?

The remaining balance on your FlexiCredit is shown on the credit repayments. You can also find out the remaining balance on your FlexiCredit by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. 

7. Can I get my FlexiCredit invoices as e-invoices?

Yes, you can order e-invoices for your FlexiCredit. You can notify us of your FlexiCredit e-invoicing address by sending a message from your personal Netbank if you are authorised to sign for your company, or from your company’s Netbank, or by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. 

8. How can I postpone the due date on my loan repayment?

If you are authorised to sign for your company, you can apply for postponing the due date of your loan repayment by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. Please have your personal online banking codes at hand when calling. 

9. Where can I obtain information on our existing hire purchase agreement?

You can enquire about your hire purchase agreement by calling the hire purchase finance customer service, tel. 0200 86211 (option 2), Mon–Fri 8.30–16.30.

10. Where can I find information on our existing leasing agreement?

You can enquire about your leasing agreement by calling the leasing finance customer service, tel. 0200 86211 (option 3), Mon–Fri 8.30–16.30.

When your business / entity deals with a bank, we need to identify the company / community representative with personal bank IDs. If more than one person is allowed to represent your company / association, the bank will need the confirmation and consent from all representatives of the community in dealing with the bank.