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Frequently asked questions accounts and payments

Questions and answers

1. How can I open a corporate account?

You can open an account and other services for your company in a meeting over the phone if you have the right to represent the company and you have personal online access codes. Book a phone meeting by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. Alternatively, you can sign up as our corporate customer on our website,, under Become a customer > Become a corporate customer online. The service allows you to identify yourself using the online access codes of other banks as well. We aim to process your application within five banking days. 

Information on what documents we need for opening a corporate account is available on our website at new window Select Business > Accounts and payments > Opening an account.

2. How can I open a book-entry account for my company?

You can open a book-entry account in a phone meeting with Nordea Business Centre if you have personal online access codes and you have the right to represent the company. You can set up a meeting by calling 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. 

In the Investor’s service in Netbank, you can place buy and sell orders and keep track of their status and the value of your investments. The service also gives you access to versatile data services, analyses and recommendations. Trading in Netbank is affordable, and it becomes even cheaper if you trade actively. The Investor’s service also includes access to the Nordea Investor service, which is specifically designed to be accessed on mobile devices. You can log into Nordea Investor through Netbank or Nordea Mobile or at

You can find additional information on our website,, by selecting Business > Our services > Investments > Online trading.

3. How do I open an account for an association?

You can find instructions here.Opens new window

4. How can I open a rental security deposit account?

To open a rental security deposit account, you have to open a new corporate current account. You can open one in a phone meeting. The account is pledged as security for the fulfillment of a main agreement. A security deposit account can be opened as security for a rental agreement, as well as other agreements concerning a loan, the delivery of goods or the performance of work. The pledge is based on an agreement between the account holder and the recipient of the pledge (i.e. the lessor) that includes the terms and conditions of the pledge.

The account is opened in the tenant’s name. A Notification of Rental Security Deposit form is given to both the lessee and the lessor as proof of the opening of the account. On the same form the lessor renounces his or her rights to the account upon termination of the tenancy.

Principles of the rental security deposit:

  • the lessor may withdraw funds from the account without the bank’s or the lessee’s consent 
  • if the lessor withdraws all the funds from the account, he or she is entitled to close the account at the same time 
  • the rental security deposit can be transferred if the lessor changes 
  • the account holder can ask Nordea to send an account statement or personally check the account’s transactions through Netbank

Nordea will charge a fee in accordance with its tariff for the Notification of Rental Security Deposit form. 

You must deliver the rental agreement to Nordea as the details of the agreement are needed when opening the account.

You can open a rental security deposit account in a phone meeting, which you can schedule by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30.

5. How can I change the persons allowed to use our company’s accounts?

If you have the right to represent the company, you can make changes to the persons allowed to use your company’s accounts in a phone meeting if you and the new user both have the online access codes for personal customers. You can set up a meeting by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30.

People allowed to use a limited liability company’s account can be changed by a person authorised to sign for the company who is registered in the Trade Register, and no minutes of meeting are needed. In the case of an association, a coop, a foundation or a housing company, we always require the minutes of the meeting of the board in which the decision on the authorisation was taken.

The new user must also attend the meeting. 

6. How can I get my account number in the IBAN format?

You can check the IBAN for your company’s account here.Opens new window

7. Do I have to open a corporate account if I’m a sole trader (toiminimi)?

If your activities as a sole trader require you to use corporate banking services, such as a payment terminal, a Web Service agreement, e-invoicing etc., you must open a corporate account.

8. Where can I order secured cassette bags/settlement forms?

You can order the secured cassette bags and settlement forms for daily cash settlement at the following address: The online service is a self-service channel with ample instructions.

9. How can I sign an e-invoice agreement for my company?

You can take the e-invoice service into use immediately in Netbank under ‘e-invoice’ if you use the Corporate Classic Netbank. The service has a ready-made form where you can fill in the details of your outbound e-invoice. If the recipient does not have an e-invoicing address, you can also select to send a paper invoice through the service, in which case Nordea will send a printed invoice to your customer.

You must agree on the receipt of e-invoices directly with your invoicer. All e-invoices you receive will be displayed on the front page of your Netbank for you to approve. You can start sending and receiving e-invoices as soon as the e-invoice agreement has been confirmed. 

If you only sign up for either the sending or receiving service (not both), you can send the request to open the service through Nordea/Omaposti or mail in Corporate Classic Netbank.

The E-invoice as File Transfer service is an alternative if you use accounting or financial administration software that supports the Finvoice file type. You can create outbound e-invoice files in your company’s financial administration system and send them through Nordea’s file transfer. Correspondingly, you can download the incoming e-invoice files from Nordea through file transfer and import them into your financial administration system for checking and accounting.

You can sign up for the E-invoice as File Transfer service in a phone meeting. You can book a meeting by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. If you schedule a phone meeting, we will identify you with your personal online access codes. 

10. How can I recall a payment I made to the wrong account?

We cannot recall a payment without the recipient’s consent after the funds have been credited to their account. 

We can, however, send a letter at your request to the recipient asking them to return the incorrect payment or give their consent for debiting the payment. The refund of the payment will be requested within about two weeks. The letter will also state that if the recipient does not return the funds, Nordea will disclose their information to the payer. If the payment is not returned or the recipient cannot be contacted, Nordea is entitled to inform you in writing of the name and address of the recipient.

For us to send the letter, we ask you to confirm the assignment with a message sent through mail in Netbank. Please include the following information in your message:

  • number of the debit account
  • payment date
  • euro amount 
  • the incorrect account number you used 
  • the account number of the recipient to whom the payment should have been made
  • the name of the recipient

You can also ask for a recall of a payment by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. 

11. I have made a payment to a closed account by mistake. Will the money be returned to me automatically?

Credit transfers made to closed accounts will be returned automatically within 10 banking days. 

12. What is Nordea’s BIC/SWIFT code?

Nordea’s BIC/Swift code is: NDEAFIHH.

13. I intend to make a payment abroad. What information do I need?

You can make a foreign payment order in Netbank under Payments > Foreign payments. You will need the recipient’s account number as well as their bank’s BIC/SWIFT code. You can find the instructions for making a payment by clicking ‘Instructions’ and selecting ‘Payments abroad’. If necessary, you can ask for help by calling Nordea’s E-support for Corporate Customers.

The payment type can be a payment order or an urgent payment order. A payment order is delivered within 3–7 banking days, while an urgent payment order is delivered within 1–3 banking days. The fee for a payment order is EUR 7.00, and for an urgent payment order the fee is EUR 32.00.

A payment order can be sent to the recipient in the full amount, or you can choose to have the payer and recipient each pay the fees charged by their respective banks. If you choose “I will pay my bank’s fees”, a currency payment will cost you EUR 7.00. If you choose “I will pay all fees”, you will be charged EUR 22 in addition to the EUR 7.00, and if the total fee is not sufficient to cover all expenses, you may be charged extra in arrears. The intermediary banks may also charge their own fees for intermediating your payment.

Please check the payment details and the fees to be charged on the confirmation screen. And please note that your payment cannot be cancelled after you have confirmed it.

14. I was asked to provide additional confirmation of my company’s payment – how is this done?

Malware on the Internet has increased and it is often installed on a customer’s computer without the customer knowing it. Criminals seek to use malware for availing of open netbank sessions. Nordea has reacted to this by providing additional security to Netbank use.

The Netbank system picks out irregular payments for additional confirmation. A payment is irregular if it is very large or if there is something unusual in the payee's account. When additional payment confirmation is required, Netbank advises how to do it. You can confirm payments by calling the additional confirmation number 0800 165 656 (+358 800 165 656 when calling from abroad) and authenticate yourself with your access codes. The service is open 24/7.

There will be no extra costs for additional payment confirmation in Finland. When calling from abroad, the operator will charge costs subject to their tariff. 

You can also make an additional payment confirmation by SMS. During your call to the above additional payment confirmation number, you can register your mobile phone number for the SMS confirmation service. After the registration, you will receive any additional confirmation requests automatically as an SMS, and after you have replied to the SMS, your payment will be confirmed.

15. How can I deliver my account statements/reference payments/files directly to my accountant?

If you want to authorise an accounting firm to retrieve accounts statements and reference transactions or to send payments to the bank, you must send us a power of attorney for your payments. You can download a power of attorney template on our website at > Business > Our services > Accounts and payments > Power of attorney – Payment Services (on the right).

If you are the representative of the company alone and have personal access codes, you can send us a filled-in power of attorney via Omaposti. Use your personal access codes to log in to Omaposti. Link to the Omaposti login channel: new window

16. How long does it take to make a credit transfer between banks?

Credit transfers made before 14.00 are transmitted to recipients during the same banking day. If a credit transfer is made after that time, the payment is transmitted to the recipient during the next banking day. This concerns all euro-denominated credit transfers from Nordea in Finland and in Europe.

17. How do I retrieve an electronic account statement in Nordea Business Netbank?

You can retrieve it in Nordea Business Netbank under Finances > Account Statement.

  • Select the months you need. Remember that you need to include the whole month.
  • Select the account statement you want from the list and click ‘Download selected’ in the bottom right corner of the page.

Electronic account statements can be retrieved in Nordea Business Netbank for 18 months.

18. How do I order old account statements?

Your company’s electronic account statements can be retrieved for 18 months. If you need older account statements, please fill out the form for reordering account statements.

Read more about electronic account statements

19. How do I deposit cash to my corporate account?

You can deposit cash with your Business Visa Debit card or Nordea Business Deposit Card at TalletusOtto ATMs.

Daily cash settlements can also be lodged in a night safe. You need to conclude a cash supply services agreement with the bank on the use of night safes. You can book an appointment for concluding the agreement by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30.

Read more about our cash services here.Opens new window

20. How can I get change for my company?

You can order change for your company to a change deposit box. Once you have started using a change deposit box, you can order change conveniently online via the cash-in-transit service customer portal.

To start using a change deposit box, please book an appointment by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel 0200 26262, Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30.

Read more about our cash services here.Opens new window

When your business / entity deals with a bank, we need to identify the company / community representative with personal bank IDs. If more than one person is allowed to represent your company / association, the bank will need the confirmation and consent from all representatives of the community in dealing with the bank.