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Corporate branches

Corporate branches focus on providing services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Specialists in different fields are located under one roof and together find the best solutions for each customer.

  • Tailored services for your company
  • A contact person specialising in corporate banking who stays in regular contact with you
  • Quick service with access code identification
  • Meetings at the branch, in your company's office spaces or online
  • Nordea's extensive specialist network

Contact person supported by extensive specialist network

Your company's dedicated contact person is responsible for your banking but they have the support of a large number of specialists from different fields. These specialists work at our corporate branches, so discussions to find the best solutions are part of their everyday activities.

Payment specialists

Payments are the heart and soul of a company which is why they need to function without any problems.

Nordea's payment specialists are experts in companies' payment processes and are able to examine service needs from the company's perspective. Here are some of the typical things we discuss with our customers:

  • channels for staying in contact with the bank
  • e-services
  • sales and invoicing
  • purchasing and bill payment
  • corporate cards
  • salaries and employers' social contributions
  • accounting

Markets specialists

When dealing with issues such as market risks or investments, markets specialists can give you a wider perspective on various solutions.

In risk management, our customers are often interested in:

  • interest-rate hedging
  • currency hedging; and
  • raw material price hedging.

In investment solutions, the first thing we do is go over the customer's ability and willingness to take risks and the requested investment period.

Nordea Finance specialists

Loan from a bank is not always the best financing alternative and in these cases your contact person will often offer you Nordea Finance's products.

If the financing process seems demanding, local experts from Nordea Finance are invited to participate.

Services offered

  • leasing or hire-purchase solutions
  • factoring
  • vendor cooperation

Investment specialists

Our investment specialists will help you find the best investment opportunities. 

Among many other things, our investment specialists have expertise in:

  • various investment products
  • legislation concerning investments
  • taxation.

 The process is always begun by going over the customer's ability and willingness to take risks and the requested investment period.

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