Third parties

You can contact the following third parties that are independent of the bank, if a matter is not solved with the customer ombudsman to your satisfaction:

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau offers consultative advice on issues related to banks, securities practices and insurance matters. Contact information: Porkkalankatu 1, 00180 Helsinki, 09/6850120.
Further information at: www.fine.fiOpens new window

The Consumer Disputes Board proposes decisions on disputes between consumers and businesses when the dispute concerns the purchase of a commodity such as financial services or an agreement on a commodity. The Board does not deal with matters related to securities. Contact information: Hämeentie 3, PO Box 306, FI-00531 Helsinki, tel +358 10 366 5200.

Further information at: www.kuluttajariita.fiOpens new window  Before filing a complaint with the Consumer Disputes Board, consumers must contact the consumer rights advisers at a Local Register Office ( new window).