Information on Nordea Bank Finland Plc

Nordea Bank Finland Plc is Nordea Group's subsidiary in Finland. Nordea is working on simplifying its legal structure with the aim to merge the subsidiary banks with the Swedish parent company. The aim is to reduce complexity in the bank and to make it possible for Nordea to operate truly as one Nordic bank.

Nordea is a Nordic bank with a wide range of local operations across Finland.

The change in legal structure will not affect customers or lead to changes in the bank's Finnish operations. Read more about the change: Simplification of legal structure

Nordea Bank Finland Plc Regional division in Finland Members of the Board of Directors Insider register Governance arrangements Nordea Bank Finland Plc
Nordea Bank Finland Plc

Address: Satamaradankatu 5, FI-00020 NORDEA, Finland

Business Identity Code: 1680235-8

Telephone (exchange) +358 9 1651

Fax +358 9 163 20002

The Ministry of Finance has granted the bank the operating licence no. 1/414/2001. Nordea Bank Finland Plc's business is supervised by the European Central Bank (ECB), FINOR, JST Coordinator / Director General DG/MS I, Sonnemannstrasse 22, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, tel +49 69 1344 0, fax +49 69 1344 6000. National Competent Authority (NCA) is the Financial Supervisory Authority, Snellmaninkatu 6, PO Box 159, FI-00101 Helsinki, tel +358 9 183 51, fax +358 9 183 5328.

The bank is a commercial bank member of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services, address Itämerenkatu 11-13, FI-00180 Helsinki, tel +358 20 7934 200, fax +358 20 7934 202.

Regional division in Finland

Banking Finland's branch regions within Nordea

Topi Manner
Nordea's Head of Banking Finland is Topi Manner. He cooperates with four deputy banking heads. Riikka Laine-Tolonen and Jussi Mekkonen are responsible for the household  branch regions, Sampsa Laine is in charge of the corporate branch regions serving small and medium-sized enterprises and Pekka Nuuttila is responsible for the Corporate Banks which serve the largest corporate customers of Banking Finland.

Riikka Laine-Tolonen
Central Finland: Mikko Pakarinen
South-Western Finland: Miikka Salminen
Ostrobothnia: Kristian Ranta
Northern Finland: Pekka Koskela
Sata-Häme: Elina Lampinen-Kinnari
Savo-Karelia: Riitta Patja

Jussi Mekkonen
Helsinki, Surroundings: Janne Karjalainen
South-Eastern Finland: Antti Hyvärinen
Helsinki City Centre: Minna Parhiala
Capital Area, Kehät: Jorma Pirinen
Capital Area, Surroundings: Antti Valtanen
Nordea Customer Service: Sari Tempakka

Sampsa Laine
Helsinki: Jussi Pajala
Uusimaa: Annamarja Paloheimo
South-Eastern Finland: Henry Udd
Central and Eastern Finland: Jussi Rieppo
South-Western Finland: Jan Söderholm
Ostrobothnia: Timo Kallionmäki
Northern Finland: Sami Heikkilä
Sata-Häme: Jarmo Törhönen

Pekka Nuuttila (Corporate Banks)
Corporate Center Helsinki: Markku Fränti
Corporate Bank Uusimaa: Iiro Korander
Corporate Bank South-Eastern Finland: Timo Rantanen
Corporate Bank Central and Eastern Finland: Mika Hasu
Corporate Bank Ostrobothnia: Thomas Lempiälä
Corporate Bank Northern Finland: Jarmo Rankinen
Corporate Bank Sata-Häme: Ari Lamberg
Corporate Bank Varsinais-Suomi: Marko Lehtosalo

Private Banking Finland: Jukka Perttula

Members of the Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Nordea Bank Finland Plc and their resumésOpens new window 

The President of Nordea Bank Finland is Topi Manner (resumé)
Jukka Perttula acts as his deputy.

Insider register

Nordea Bank Finland Plc's and Nordea Investment Fund Company Finland Ltd public insider register

To promote general reliability of the securities market and in order to prevent misuse of the securities market, the information of the security holdings of people included in the insider register is public. As a provider of investment service or as an investment fund company Nordea has a legal obligation to keep a register of its persons under obligation to report.

Euroclear Finland Oy keeps the public insider register of Nordea Bank Finland Plc and Nordea Investment Fund Company Finland Ltd available for viewing. The register of holders of units in funds managed by Nordea Investment Fund Company Finland Ltd is available for viewing at Nordea Investment Fund Company Finland Ltd.

Euroclear Finland OyOpens new window

Nordea Investment Fund Company Finland Ltd (visiting address Keskuskatu 3; Helsinki)
A person wishing to receive an extract from the fund register is kindly asked first to contact phone number +358 9 165 48253.

Governance arrangements

Governance arrangements and remuneration

Governance arrangements

Nordea Bank Finland Plc (NBF) complies with the requirements laid down for corporate governance arrangements in Chapter 7, section 1, of the Act on Credit Institutions.

The Board of NBF approves the risk strategy and other strategic goals as well as sees to it that the surveillance of the goals and strategy is reliable.

The risk-taking and risk management systems of NBF comply with the requirements laid down in Chapter 9 of the Act on Credit Institutions.

Board composition and work

NBF complies with the requirements laid down in Chapter 7, section 2, of the Act on Credit Institutions regarding the composition and work of the Board.

Board composition and resumes

The Board has approved a policy for the bank in order to advance the composition of the Board. Sufficient diversity shall be considered as to education, competence and professional experience of an individual member as well as of the Board as a whole. With regard to the Board as whole, such aspects as gender, age and the members' countries of origin are considered. Sufficient diversity will guarantee that different opinions and experience will be represented on the Board. The Board has approved equal gender distribution on the Board as one of NBF's targets and drawn up a policy for meeting the target. 

Committees of the bank

The Board of NBF has the following committees consisting of board members: nomination committee, remuneration committee, risk committee and audit committee. Each committee has tasks set out to it in the Act on Credit Institutions. 

The composition of the committees
Nomination committee
Heikki Ilkka (chairman)
Tom Johannessen
Remuneration committee
Heikki Ilkka (chairman)  
Erik Ekman
Risk committee
Carl-Johan Granvik (chairman)  
Erik Ekman
Audit committee
Carl-Johan Granvik (chairman)  
Heikki Ilkka

Reliability and competence as well as time disposition of the management

NBF complies with the requirements laid down in Chapter 7, section 4, of the Act on Credit Institutions regarding reliability and competence of the management and the requirements laid down in Chapter 7, section 5, regarding time disposition.

The President of NBF has established a management group to assist and support him in the management of the daily operations of NBF. The management group consists of the President, the CFO of NBF, the CRO of NBF, the Head of Wholesale Banking Finland and the Head of Wealth Management Finland.

Resumes of board members and the President 


The Board of NBF has a remuneration committee which task is to assist the Board of NBF  in decisions regarding governance of remuneration systems.

For the rest the report on the compliance with the provisions of Chapter 8 of the Act on Credit Institutions is found hereOpens new window

Independent risk control function

NBF has in independent risk control function which head is CRO Sari Lindqvist.