Exchange rates

Upcoming changes to the published exchanges rates:  

  • The address for fx rates in electronic format (dat-file) has changed. The new address is We kindly ask users of the data to start using the new address. The old address will be closed before end of year 2016. Simultaneously the old website for foreign exchange rates will be closed.
  • The valuation rates have been published later as of July 1 2016. Following the change the valuation rates are published by 18:00 under normal circumstances. Previously the rates are published approximately at 16:15. The change impacts the publication time of FX rates both on Nordea’s website and the VKEUR file in the File Transfer Service. The publication time is changed due to the European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to publish its reference rates at around 17:00. You can read the ECB’s press release here.
  • As of April 12 2016, Nordea has not published cash currency rates. Further information about the changes to foreign cash currency services can be read  here
  • As of March 3 2016, Nordea has not published non-convertible exchange rates. In addition, commercial and valuation rates of certain emerging market currencies are no longer published.

Nordea quotes exchange rates on national banking days at least three times a day:

  • in the morning at 8.00 / at midday at 12.15 and / in the afternoon by 18.00 under normal circumstances.

Morning and noon rates are based on market prices and afternoon rates are based on market prices and the quotations of the European Central Bank.

List rates

Buying and selling rates of account currency are applied in commercial transactions worth less than EUR 40,000.

Other rates

Valuation rates are based on European Central Bank quotes and market prices. They are published by 18.00 under normal circumstances on all Target days.

Exchange rates are also available for electronic processing and as an Excel file. 

Forward rates are indicative. They must always be agreed on with Nordea Markets.

Indicative forward rates are also available for electronic processing.

Quoting of currency

The exchange rates are presented in the form: 1 euro is amount x in currency. To get the countervalue of a currency in euros, divide the currency amount by the exchange rate. Correspondingly, to exchange the euro for a currency, multiply the amount in euros by the exchange rate.

Nordea is entitled to limit or close trading in any currency under exceptional circumstances.