Nordea’s donations in Finland

Nordea annually donates funds to charities and non-profit organisations. When selecting causes to donate to, Nordea focuses particularly on nationwide projects which support its corporate social responsibility policies and which it is already involved in.

Donations have been allocated for helping young people by improving their financial literacy and promoting their entrepreneurial skills through the My City project, in which Nordea is a partner.

Nordea is also involved in the Economic Skills project, which aims at preventing young people's social exclusion. The project trains volunteers from among Nordea's staff, who meet young people and advise them on managing their finances. At the same time, Nordea is supporting and participating in the CoPassion research project run by the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Theology, which examines the volunteer work conducted by Nordea employees in the Economic Skills project. CoPassion studies the effects of compassion on a company's competitiveness. Areas studied by the project include how the volunteer work performed by the staff during their working hours affects their well-being and commitment, customer experiences and sales.

In addition, Nordea has supported Suomen Mentorit ry, an association that mentors young university students who are graduating or have graduated and are without permanent employment in order to help them find work. Nordea's employees are also involved in mentoring young people who are faced with unemployment after graduation.

However, Nordea will not become a supporting member of associations, foundations or institutions, nor does it donate to sports activities.

Donations can be given to associations, institutions and foundations and for their projects aiming at preserving the cultural heritage of Finland or supporting science and art on a nationwide level.

For more information on donations to non-profit causes, please send an e-mail to nordeanlahjoitukset(a) or call Liisa Friman, tel. +358 9 5300 6141.