InvestmentDeposit account

The InvestmentDeposit account is a time deposit account. Its return consists of a deposit interest and a potential additional interest. The additional interest of InvestmentDeposit lots is bound to different reference assets such as shares, indices and commodities. The different reference assets of the InvestmentDeposit offer you safe excitement! You can start investing with 500 euros.

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InvestmentDeposit Account
– Equity 1/2016
Reference asset: Equity

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4 January -
14 January 2016
28 February 20190,0 %7,0 %*
*The predicted additional interest is 7,0% . The final additional interest will be confirmed on 2 March 2016 and it will be within the variation range of 6,0% - 8,0%. The additional interest is not annual interest.  The additional interest will be paid on the deposit's maturity date if, on the closing date of 28 February 2019, the prices of all the three reference shares are on or above the starting level of 2 March 2016.

  • The InvestmentDeposit account is a time deposit account. Its return consists of a deposit interest and a potential additional interest.
  • The deposit interest and the potential additional interest vary by lot.
  • The asset reference affecting the potential additional interest changes with each new lot.
  • The deposit interest paid to the account and the possible additional interest constitute income as referred to in the Act on Withholding Tax on Interest Income for natural persons with general tax liability in Finland and for Finnish death estates.

Deposit interest

  • The deposit interest is fixed for the entire deposit period and calculated from the deposit date to the maturity date.
  • The deposit interest is determined by lot. Please note that the deposit interest may also be 0%.

Potential additional interest

  • The additional interest on each lot is bound to the performance of the market rate of a reference asset. Shares, indices, commodities, foreign currencies, real estate or combinations of the above can serve as reference assets.
  • The reference asset type of the potential additional interest paid on the deposit capital, the possible fluctuation range of the additional interest amount and the determination basis, calculation method and payment of the additional interest are determined separately for each lot and are stated in the special terms and conditions concerning additional interest.
  • The additional interest is not annual interest.


The deposit interest and additional interest are determined by deposit lot.
The additional interest is not annual interest.

If the deposit is cancelled before maturity, the bank will charge cancellation costs. The cancellation cost includes the bank's refinancing costs, batch-specific costs caused by management of the derivatives agreement and a handling fee 150,00 euros. in accordance with the at any given time valid tariff.

Terms and conditions
Price performance

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