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With Nordea Investor you can follow up on the markets and your investments whenever and wherever you like. It identifies the device used and automatically adjusts the contents irrespective of whether you are using a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. You can submit orders and trade when it suits you best.

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To investors like you who monitor and manage their savings and investments online

Nordea Investor is especially suitable for you if you want to do your banking with a smartphone or a tablet. You can log into the service conveniently with the Codes app through your browser or Netbank. When one of the trading services is linked to your Netbank, you will get Nordea Investor free of charge.

Nordea Investor is suitable for you if you wish to

  • submit orders and trade irrespective of time and place
  • tailor the contents and features of the service according to your needs.

Nordea Investor adjusts according to your needs

In Nordea Investor you can at a glance view the following in Nordea's safe custody:

  • your book-entry assets (listed securities and bonds)
  • your fund account assets
  • your cash accounts linked to Netbank

In Nordea Investor you can submit orders and trade:

  • in listed securities on over 20 market places
  • in Nordea Funds
  • in Nordea's bonds and equity-linked bonds (Q3/2016)

In Nordea Investor you will also find tools to make monitoring the markets easier, such as:

  • Kauppalehti's news in real time
  • comprehensive market and corporate analyses by Nordea*
  • Nordea's recommendations and reviews*

*Included in the saver's and trader's services.

Nordea Investor automatically adjusts the contents, its appearance, and the different features according to the device you are using. You can also easily influence the contents and features you see. For example, you can determine the length of the session, how you use your confirmation codes when you make an order, and you can edit the view on the front page to your liking.


You can start using Nordea Investor as soon as you have one of our trading services.

  1. You open the trading service by calling Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000 (local network charge/mobile call charge). If you do not yet have a book-entry account, it can be opened with the same order as the service.
  2. As soon as your trading service has been activated, you can start trading on the stock exchanges. The opening of the service will take a few workdays.

If you are not a Nordea customer, you can become a customer online. This is a new service and it allows you to become a Nordea customer easily and conveniently. When your application has been approved, you will get Nordea's access codes with which you can prove your identity in Nordea's Netbank, Mobile Bank, on the phone and in many other electronic services.

Logging in

Use on a mobile device

Using Nordea Investor on a mobile device is easy. You do not have to download a separate app, but you can log into the service directly through a smartphone's or a tablet's browser.

This is how you log into Nordea Investor on a mobile device:

  • Open the browser on the tablet, smartphone or other mobile device.
  • Type the address nordea.investor.fiOpens new window in the browser's address field.
  • When Investor's front page opens, add it to your browser's favourites or bookmarks and as a shortcut on your home screen (the way to do this varies depending on the device's operating system and browser).
  • Use either your code card or the Codes app for the login.

Nordea Investor is part of the trading service. See the prices of online trading.

Frequently asked questions
For whom is Nordea Investor intended?

It suits you if you want to follow up on and manage your savings and investments online. Nordea Investor is especially suitable for you if you want to do your banking with a smartphone or a tablet.

Who is given access to Nordea Investor?

Nordea Investor is automatically available to you if you have one of the trading services (saver's service, investor's service or trader's service) linked to Netbank.

How do I access Nordea Investor?

Nordea Investor has its own address (investor.nordea.fiOpens new window), through which you can log into the service directly. A link to the service is in Netbank on the Savings and investments tab, on the right side of the Trading page.

Do I need to download an app to my smartphone?

No, as Nordea Investor runs on the Internet browser. It is enough that you have a device with an Internet connection and a browser.

Does Nordea Investor run on all browsers?

Nordea Investor has been optimised to run on Chrome and Safari, but it also runs on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Are there any operating systems (on mobile devices) that Nordea Investor does not run on?

As Nordea Investor runs on a browser, it should run on different operating systems. However, using Nordea Investor may require updating your operating system to its latest version.

Does Nordea Investor show the same asset details as Netbank?

The assets details are almost identical, except that at present Nordea Life's products and monthly savings agreements (e.g. fund saving agreement) are not visible in Nordea Investor. You can see your book-entry account and your fund account assets in the service. In Nordea Investor you can also choose which cash accounts linked to Netbank are shown in the service.

How do the different trading services affect the contents?

The real-time nature of market information and news, and the availability of Nordea's equity and market analyses depend on the trading service available to you.

Has the duration of the session been restricted?

The default duration of a session has been restricted to 30 minutes. However, you can adjust the cut-off time up to 100 minutes.

Is it safe to log into Nordea Investor?

As the same identification methods (code app/code card) are used as in logging into Netbank, Nordea Investor is as safe as Netbank.

Is it safe to use Nordea Investor when the session is so long?

If you extend the duration of the session, it is of utmost importance that you remember to lock the device or terminate the session always when you leave the device.

Why is it possible to save your phone number and e-mail address in Nordea Investor?

You can save your contact information if you wish to receive alerts (e.g. price alerts)

Is there anything related to firewalls, special settings etc. one should pay attention to?

The use of cookies should be allowed in order for Nordea Investor to run. We use cookies to improve the customer's user experience, to evaluate the use of the contents and to support the marketing of our services.

The connection to Nordea Investor is as safe as the connection to Netbank since the identification methods used at login (code app/code card) are the same.